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Steel Quality Control

Why Choose LeJeune

With early involvement, LeJeune team members will be able to provide expert support through value engineering, budgeting, critical path scheduling, constructability studies, quality control and coordination with other trades.

Our highly developed software and project management systems provide accurate and real-time information. This allows the LeJeune Project Manager to become a proactive member of your project team. The result is an enhanced process with positive outcomes throughout design, construction, and quality control of steel projects. Ask LeJeune to customize a project plan for you today.

APi Group

LeJeune is a member of APi Group Inc., a family of more than 38 independent companies. APi provides a significant value to LeJeune through leadership, banking, insurance and bonding.

APi's risk management department conducts safety audits to ensure our safety program is held to the highest standard. APi provides national purchasing programs, leadership training and development, and the latest in information systems and technology.

Our relationship with APi allows us to utilize resources that are unavailable to the average trade contractor and it keeps us trained on the latest industry trends and techniques.

Contact LeJeune and find out how you can leverage our high standards of quality control on your next steel project.

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