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Steel Shop Safety

Shop Safety Program

At the LeJeune Steel Company, we maintain a track record of safety excellence. We adhere to a company safety program called STEPS. This acronym stands for "Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety" and incorporates a number of controls to protect our employees and ensure our shop is a safe place to work. Our goal each and every day is to send everyone home in the same or better condition than when they came to work.

Listed below are key aspects of our STEPS program:

  • A full time safety professional on staff
  • A culture of accountability where all employees within the organization are responsible for safety
  • Rigorous enforcement of Personal Protective Equipment standards
  • Daily huddles and employee job hazard assessments to start the day off safely
  • A near miss tracking program to ensure we mitigate potential hazards before they cause injury
  • The LeJeune safety time out method which halts production on our shop floor following an unsafe act to discuss the issue and prevent it from happening a second time
  • Company-wide participation in weekly Toolbox Talks to train team members on safe work practices
  • An active safety committee which provides insight and suggestions for increasing safety in the workplace and holding all employees accountable
  • Weekly shop safety audits to ensure our shop is as safe as possible for our employees and visitors

These efforts have made us one of the safest structural steel fabricators in the Midwest. We take the well-being of our team and the sub-contractors that work for us very seriously and are making strides to continuously improve our safety programs every day. This value passes directly to the customer as we remain unencumbered by the expensive workers compensation claims which force other companies to charge more for their work.

We encourage customers and others interested to contact us about participating in a walkthrough of our shop floor to see firsthand why we produce "Steel at its Finest."

Give us a call: 612-861-3321