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LeJeune Steel Mission

We commit to provide excellence and value in our structural solutions. Our dedicated approach delivers exceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities, and mutually beneficial relationships.

LeJeune Steel Values

  • Doing the right thing
  • Having passion for what we do
  • Embracing and pursuing change
  • Providing uncompromised quality
  • Developing sincere relationships

LeJeune Steel Purpose

Structural Solutions - innovative, professional, passionate

LeJeune Steel History

For more than 69 years LeJeune Steel has been an industry leader in steel fabrication. Since 1944, we have grown to become one of the largest structural steel fabricators in the Midwest, with more than 40,000 tons of steel fabricated annually by our shops in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our vision is founded on quality and adding value to the construction process. This vision encompasses the tradition of superior construction practices, with an emphasis on innovation. Integral to the concept of quality is our adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards, a hallmark of our industry leadership.

Throughout our history, LeJeune has built strong relationships through our commitment to timeless tradition and timely technology. This pattern of excellence continues today, and is the blueprint for achievement tomorrow.

Contact LeJeune and learn how you can partner with a leading steel company.

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