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Jobsite Safety

Jobsite Safety Program

At LeJeune, safety excellence is a corporate value and a commitment we practice on all projects. We employ only the most qualified steel erectors on our construction projects. Our partners demonstrate their commitment to a safe job site through planning and practice. Steel Erector safety professionals work together with LeJeune’s own Associate Safety Professional to develop and manage site specific safety procedures. This safety outreach program makes the LeJeune Steel Company a reliable and safe construction partner for the customer.

To maintain the safest jobsite for our steel erectors, we ensure all site-specific work conditions and hazards are addressed in our site-specific safety plan. All site-specific rules, procedures, and hazards are communicated to all employees during site orientation, daily toolbox safety meetings, and weekly foreman and project-wide mass safety meetings.

LeJeune Steel only works with those Steel Erectors who can demonstrate a commitment to quality and safety. Our steel erection partners have demonstrated, time and again their reliability and dependability, to do the job right.

Some of the key qualifications are:

  • The firm's written safety plan, compliant with governmental regulations, is understood and implemented by supervision and the erection crew.
  • All welders are qualified per American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1. Written welding procedures, compliant with AWS specifications, are available and used by welders.
  • Written bolt tightening procedures, compliant with the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC) specifications, are in place and used.
  • A written procedure for fall protection is periodically monitored and recorded by a person trained in fall protection and authorized to require needed corrections.
  • Crane operators are CCO certified or equivalently trained and/or experienced.
  • Project-specific erection plans with hoisting and erection requirements are communicated and implemented in the field.
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