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Connect Tech

Connect Tech Provides Real-Time Status

  • An initiative by LeJeune Steel that delivers real-time answers and project transparency 24/7.
  • The purpose is to foster teamwork, communication, and coordination, while eliminating uncertainty and unwanted surprises.
  • Connect Tech consists of the Executive Dashboard and 4D color-coded models. These tools are available to clients anytime, anywhere, via the internet.
  • The Executive Dashboard allows our clients to track assemblies and sequences with complete transparency through a clear analytical display.
  • The color-coded 4D model allows our clients to view the status of each assembly in the framework of the project structure (a visual representation of the status).
  • These tools greatly increases awareness and enable an understanding of the exact state of project components throughout the fabrication process.
  • Traceability of every piece is a best practice and achieved with bar coding technologies and then displayed on the Executive Dashboard and the 4D color-coded model.
  • Combine the Executive Dashboard and the 4D models and LeJeune Steel clients gain unprecedented access to real time project knowledge.
  • Connect Tech provides a “view” into our shops and the fabrication process.

Executive Dashboard

  • The Executive Dashboard consists of two “tabs” that provide information on the Drawing Status and Production Status.
  • The Drawing Status tab provides a snap shot of every drawing created for the project and a date it entered the current status.
  • The Project Status tab provides the current status of every project sequence and assembly created with all relating critical information pertaining to each assembly mark.

Color-Coded 4D Models

  • LeJeune Steel provides a 4D Schedule Model and a 4D Project Status Model.
  • The Schedule Model is a color-coded visual representation of the project schedule. The client can select any schedule date and the color-coded model displays the scheduled project status. DVD like control affords the ability to step through the planned project development day by day.
  • The Project Status Model is a color-coded visual representation of the project status and the project history. The client can select any past date and view the color-coded project status on that date. In addition, the client can select any assembly or combination of assembly marks, sequence of combination of sequences and instantly view their location and status in reference to every other sequence or in isolation with full manipulation capabilities, for any date of the project history.
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