Monthly Archives: July 2015

Basic Welding Terminology Guide

During a medical operation when a surgeon asks for a scalpel, suction or forceps, every professional in the room knows what those terms mean.  Fitter welding is a different type of operation and when you’re in the shop, knowing basic welding terminology is a must, so here’s your guide to basic welding terminology. Techniques  MIG […]

AISC Certification: What You Need to Know

Does your heart skip a beat when you stare over the balcony in a 50,000 seat stadium? Wondering whether it will hold? If not, thank the construction safety and quality control organizations like the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). You need to know about this non-profit group, because AISC certification sets the quality standards […]

Weld Repair: What You Need to Know

For a few seconds, you’re reliving the joy of reeling in that Walleye you caught over the weekend. Reality snaps the line and you’re looking at a weld filled with gas bubbles and holes. You’re now on the hook for repairs. Welding mistakes can happen that quickly and easily, but fortunately, there are some tips […]

Benefits of Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Most people don’t pay close enough attention to the craftsmanship in our modern-day pyramids. They should. The skyscrapers, sports stadiums, bridges and other complex structures are built by teams of highly skilled fitter-welders, who put these massive projects together, weld by weld. A process known as post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) allows builders to maintain a […]

5 Tips For Preventing Weld Porosity

Weld porosity is similar to a cavity in your mouth. Not keeping things clean can lead to spots that turn into holes, weakening the tooth (or weld) and ultimately causing it to collapse or fall out. It’s not a good look and there may be pain and frustration during repair but it must be treated. […]

Five Tips For Passing Your Welding Test

Very few people like taking tests. After all, they’re full of pressure. But when it comes to getting a fitter-welder job, just think of the welding test as an opportunity to show off what you can do. Don’t fear the math. Instead, focus on feeling the power of creating structures that should last long after […]

Fitter Welder Interview Tips

It’s a big leap from welding in your basement or garage to being a fitter welder on some of the most advanced construction projects in the country. Once you make that leap, you will find that good fitter welders are always in demand. Moving up the ladder and making more money may require changing companies […]