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Welding Safety: LeJeune Steel Wins Award for Workplace Safety

Few things are more important to LeJeune Steel than welding safety. The company fabricates some 40,000 tons of steel each year in its Minnesota and Wisconsin facilities and employs hundreds of fitter-welders. Workstation safety and required protective equipment are among the issues addressed during training in the first 80 days of work for new hires, […]

Post Welding Operations to Ensure Quality and Success

Not much is more satisfying for a fitter welder than standing back when the job is done, and admiring what your hands have crafted. However, getting to that point requires making sure the job is done right, on time, and meets all requirements. High quality work screams professionalism, helps reduce time and waste, and results […]

Welding Safety Tips: Hand Torch Safety

When working with fire, it is important not to get burned – or worse. Premier steel fabricator LeJeune Steel focuses on welding safety, partnering with employees to keep the fire burning but employees safe. Hand torch use and safety are stressed by the company on construction project worksites and at the two facilities, in Minnesota […]

How to Get a Fitter Welder Apprenticeship

The idea behind a fitter welder apprenticeship is to turn raw skills into talent by allowing an experienced professional to mentor and develop a less skilled tradesperson. It’s a time-honored system that allows crafters to earn while they learn, and it is responsible for developing many of the top craftspeople at LeJeune Steel. A formal […]

Welding Safety: Protective Equipment for a Safe Workstation

There’s enough to worry about at work without fearing for your safety, yet it’s still a concern for people in private industry. In fact, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics says more than three million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported in 2013 (the most recent reporting year). Workplace and workstation safety are critically important in […]

Professional Welding Tips: MIG Welding vs. TIG Welding

Welders make a lot of choices that require a powerful display of skill, knowledge, and experience. The results of incorrect decisions about what welding process to use can be costly, dangerous and slow production. With Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding being among the top methods, the key is to know […]

How to Write a Construction Cover Letter

Think of a cover letter and resume as the blueprint to a job in your chosen career.  Right now we’re talking specifically about the cover letter for a career in construction or as a fitter welder. It should be a brief, single-page letter that offers your personal contact information, outlines some of your experience, and […]

The Best Trade Schools for Industrial Construction Careers

The Construction industry is emerging from hibernation and like a bear in search of food, the industry is hungry for new workers to join the ranks.  The economic downturn and retiring baby-boomers have depleted the ranks of workers seeking industrial construction careers.  Many industrial construction jobs are hands-on and do not require a college degree, […]