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Work Culture Matters: Why We’re Proud To Be Part Of APi Group [video]

Experienced workers understand that the value of a good company goes well beyond the paycheck. If you’re in it for the long haul, an employer’s work culture matters. It determines job quality, stability, opportunities for training and advancement, and even the opportunity to work on big projects, like the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. That’s why […]

Career Spotlight: Professional Welder

Professional Careers For People Who Work With Their Hands and Their Brains  When some people think of a career as a professional, they think in terms of academic degrees, but that’s nowhere near the real definition. A new breed of skilled professionals is emerging to set the record straight, like what a career as a […]

What is an Average Steel Fitter Welder Salary?

Average Fitter Welder Salary in Minnesota and the Rest of the Country  Welding is an occupation in transition, and that’s a good thing, because it means the average steel welder salary is climbing. These days a welding career can call for the ability to read blueprints and dabble in the digital world with 3D and […]

Custom Steel Fabrication for Specialty Construction

Amazing Structures Built with Custom Steel Fabrication Some of the world’s most amazing structures have been built over the last 70 years, and LeJeune Steel has contributed more than its fair share to that collection. For more than 70 years LeJeune Steel has been an industry leader in steel fabrication. Since 1944, we have grown […]

3 Best Fitter Welder Resume Samples

Sample Resumes for Fitter Welders  Your resume has the capacity to meet more people than you will in person, so make sure it makes a good impression. Experts suggest employers spend from thirty seconds to one minute (max) looking at each resume, so it’s important to catch their attention. That’s why we’re providing a look at […]

Best Ways to Get Welder Training

How Much Training Does a Welder Need?  If you know the meaning of MIG, TIG and Tack, you’ve already started your welder training, but beware: it’s not just the definitions, it’s the doing that will actually make you a welder. You can’t become a welder by simply looking in a book. Welding is a skill […]

How to Find Job Fairs in Minnesota

Where to Look For Job Fairs in MN  It’s not like the old days, when you had to pound the pavement every day looking for a company that was hiring. Now, you can let your fingers do the walking – to borrow an old saying – to find job fairs in Minnesota. Thanks to the […]

Ten Good Jobs That Don’t Need a College Degree

High-Paying Careers Without College Requirements  The assortment of careers that don’t require a college degree is pretty impressive. The list includes high-paying jobs from the world of technology to construction, and none of them require a four-year stint in college. They do require a high skill level, though. Most of these positions require training, trade […]