Custom Steel Fabrication for Industrial Construction

The term industrial construction may not sound very sexy, but things change when you understand what’s involved. Some examples of the size and scope of custom steel fabrication for industrial construction may open your eyes a bit. It’s all around us, in buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, stadiums, and a variety of other distinctive structures, so here’s […]

Helpful Flux Core Welding Tips

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) is a fast, flexible, mobile method of welding. One added benefit – the process produces its own shielding gas, making it good in windy conditions. However, there are some challenges. To aid you through the process, leading fabricator LeJeune Steel Company (LSC), would like to share some helpful Flux Core […]

What is Flux Core Welding?

There is a lot to choose from on the menu of welding methods and some may ask, what is Flux Core (FCAW) welding? It’s a welding process powered by Direct Current (DC) that uses a continuous feed, consumable tubular wire to generate an arc that fuses the wire and material into the weld joint. The […]

Steel Fabrication Safety Standards Organizations

At LeJeune Steel Company (LSC), we’ve worked hard for the past seven decades to establish and maintain a reputation for excellence. Quality, safety, and high standards are priorities to us. To stay on the cutting edge of steel fabrication, we team up with the industry’s leading steel fabrication safety standards organizations. Their guidance and oversight […]

Welding Technology: iPads, Plan Reading and AutoCAD

We won’t call it the Twilight Zone, but welding is definitely entering another dimension. High-tech is slowly transforming an industry that has been blazing since the Bronze Age. Fitter welders are mastering new welding technology from iPads and plan/blueprint reading to sophisticated computer programs like AutoCAD. Even laser welding and robotics are all the rage. […]

Common Welding Injuries and How to Avoid Them

The welding cowboys might say, “No guts, no glory,” when it comes to the dangers of the job, but anyone serious about a fitter welding career should be concerned about safety. It’s important to be aware of common welding injuries and how to avoid them. Smart welders take proper precautions, and responsible steel fabricators like […]

LeJeune Spotlight: LeJeune Vikings Stadium Project

The newest addition to the Twin Cities skyline is taking shape in downtown Minneapolis. Towering construction cranes have been masterfully shaping the clear roof atop US Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. LeJeune Steel Company (LSC) is feeding this building bonanza with a team of some 400 steel fabricators and welders working […]

10 Great TIG Welding Tips

Let’s talk about welding and horses for a moment. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), commonly referred to as TIG welding, is something like a thoroughbred – pure, high-maintenance, and beautiful. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), commonly called MIG welding, is a workhorse – hearty, agile and steady. While MIG is the industry go-to method – […]

Welding Tests: Magnetic Particle Inspection

In welding, a few small problems can be dangerous. This is a skill that demands high scrutiny. In other words everything will be inspected, so don’t take it personally. One of the most popular ways to test welds is called, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), also known as Magna-fluxing. This is a non-destructive inspection, meaning it […]